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learn Japanese Language

Welcome to QMALL, an online learning application to learn and practice the Japanese language.

An Artificial Intelligence tool
for object detection is a secure web-based Object detection and classification tool. It is designed to perform deep-learning training on your custom data and predict the location and identify the target objects.

MICE Lab Management Software

MyMice is an easy to use mobile app to manage the lifecycle of laboratory mice in clinical research.

Japan-India Skill Development
Training Program

We are happy to announce that we have commenced imparting Japanese Endowed Course (JEC) training to Universities and Colleges as part of the Japan-India Skill development program.

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Japanese Endowed Course

We have collaborated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan as an authorized partner to offer JEC to the Students of Universities and Colleges.


IVX is a security software for Windows.

It Records on-screen activities of end users helps us to monitor illegal activities.

What we Offer

We have highly experienced Engineers who can comfortably provide services and solutions for your various requirements in the following areas.

We provide some exciting products build from scratch by our highly innovative Engineers.


QMALL is a secured customizable web based assessment tool, designed specifically to build your own assessment platform for evaluation of your team. You can conduct online exams on various chosen topics, right from planning of assessment until the result analysis for a reliable and accurate solution.

This is packaged into seamless solution with highly protected platform.

The online tests not only save you time but also provide instant results and evaluations immediately after appearing for the test. You can create the exams with our easy to use cloud based LMS. You can have various combinations like text, video, images, practice questions, etc.

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Today what we are looking for in scientific software is a robust platform that churns out result with reliability and consistency.

Another key relevance should be the low cost of running and using the software without the scientist / technician spending a lot of time over it.

The platform should be easy to use and gives the user enough significant data to make good scientific decisions without having to wait for weeks or days for the result.

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MyMice is an easy to use mobile app to manage the lifecycle of laboratory mice used in clinical research. Lifecycle data of mice like birth, age, parents, mating, pregnancy, demise, etc, can be easily monitored. The first version of MyMice app was a stand-alone app that uses local storage within the mobile phone. So the data of each researcher gets stored within the app and the other researcher cannot get to know the updates.

We at CIC understand the importance of working in collaborative nature and hence upgraded the MyMice app to MyMice PRO. With the PRO version, we get a collaborative data sharing among the researcher of same lab. Any data updated by a researcher gets reflected to all the other researcher of same lab.

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IVX Logo

IVX is a product of KDTS Co. Ltd, Japan. Usually, the Onscreen Recording applications use more system resources and occupy huge storage space. IVX is designed to use less system resource and occupies very less storage Space comparing the other competitors.

Illegal View high image compression requires very small HDD capacity (Data is recorded with the following screen image conditions; 1024x768/5 sec interval/ 8 hours/ 16 colors)

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We have joined hands with innovative partners offering exciting products and solutions

We are excited to have collaborated with some of the greatest tech companies in the industries. Our partnerships have developed based on mutual trust and Competency. We are happy to join hands with these partners to provide following products and services,
IVX, THOMAS Series, OmniDocs, JEC.
Acty stystems
New Gen

CIC is an innovative high productivity and high-quality software development company.

We are a Japanese subsidiary Information Technology company offering futuristic services and solutions in various fields of Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Server database management, Manufacturing Execution System Software Integration, Japanese Endowed Course Training, and Consulting.

We are an ISO-27001 certified company providing utmost importance to Information Security. We provide a lot of focus in Training and upskilling of our Resources to match in line with the global trend. We have imbibed the culture of being Process-oriented and Standardization from our Japanese parent company. The five important Mantras we focus on are – Productivity, Quality, Delivery, Skills, and Culture.

We believe that our highly skilled Software Engineers of India can collaborate well with high quality Japanese technologies to bring out the best innovative solutions.

To provide innovative IT related  solutions and service to our  customers with a futuristic outlook.

To commit ourselves in pursuit of professional excellence and grow as a leading IT Company.


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